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Public key for the digital signature

The downloadable dvdisaster packages have been digitally signed using GnuPG so that you can verify that the software is in its original state.

Starting with version 0.79.5, releases are signed with this 4096bit RSA key:

pub   4096R/64F770B2 2015-10-05
      Key fingerprint = E3AF E703 96CC C0D9 E5D8  381C B0DB CA7D 64F7 70B2
uid                  dvdisaster (pkg signing key #2)
sub   4096R/758BCC23 2015-10-05

The 1024bit DSA key used to sign releases up to version 0.79.3 is still available for reference. Feel free to send an email to carsten@dvdisaster.org to obtain any of these fingerprints directly from the developers. Please include "GPG finger print" in the subject line.

User's manual

The user manual is provided as a PDF document (manual.pdf). It contains several basic examples of using dvdisaster and some background information on its way of working. You do not need to download the manual if you already have the source code archive - a copy of the manual is contained there.

Codec specification

The specification of the RS01, RS02 and RS03 codec is available as a PDF document (codecs.pdf). This document is meant to discuss the codec implementation among developers. It requires knowledge in the area of coding theory and is not meant as end user documentation.

pdfreaders.org Software for reading the PDF document is available at PDFreaders.org.

Last Windows release

A native Windows fork of dvdisaster will be started soon by another developer, but there is nothing to announce yet. In the mean time, please continue using the last published version for Windows (0.72.3):

Source code:  dvdisaster-0.72.3.tar.bz2 (digital signature, MD5 checksum: 4eb09c1aa3cdbc1dafdb075148fb471d)
Binary installer:  dvdisaster-0.72.3-setup.exe (digital signature, MD5 checksum: b6861ba1e8de6d91a2da5342a14870e0)
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