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This site provides the latest source code release of dvdisaster for the FreeBSD, GNU/Linux and NetBSD operating systems. It is mostly aimed at maintainers of binary packages for the beforementioned platforms. End users might find it more convenient to install dvdisaster from the package system of their operating system bundle or distribution. But if you prefer to download and compile the source package on your own, you're welcome, too.
This site does not provide information on the purpose and usage of dvdisaster. This is better described at other places, e.g. in the user manual and numerous online forums.

Download the source code

dvdisaster is available for the FreeBSD, GNU/Linux und NetBSD operating systems. It is provided as free software under the GNU General Public License v3. GPLv3-Logo

Current stable version:  dvdisaster-0.79.5.tar.bz2 (digital signature, MD5 sum: ceef990a2239c43314bc6427c6afb181)

A digital signature is provided for verification that the packages are in their original state. The archives contain a file INSTALL with further instructions for building dvdisaster.

OS X and Windows are no longer supported. The last published version for Windows (0.72.3) is still available.

The developer versions are back!

The original plan of publishing stable versions every few months did not work out due to continued lack of time. In the mean time, developer (unstable) versions are published whenever the need arises for a current update. Please be aware that developer versions are undocumented and may contain unfinished or otherwise defective functionality. You should only use them if you need some of the features detailed in the list below.

dvdisaster-0.79.6.tar.bz2 (digital signature, MD5 sum: b9e95850df4d344c8ec7d6cac89b6feb)

What happened to the old dvdisaster site?

Please see the Preface for version 0.79.5 in the user manual.

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